Friday, 6 December 2013

A visit to Albi-Petshop for grooming Sheba

Reporting from nikakihijau.

Hi friends!

Apologies for not posting these few days as I was quite busy for a soon to launch project in Kuala Lumpur.

Ok, so today we (my wife and I) are planning to send our Persian Sheba for grooming. It's been 2 weeks since her last grooming and I am sure you guys will know how she smells.

So when we enter to the shop, I was quite amazed with another Persian cat which is displayed in the shop.

OMG. She's so cute obviously because of her color but, from my experince it is very hard to take care of her because the majority of her body color is white.

In fact, there's another Persian a.k.a Garfield inside and another Bristish Shorthair for display. Unfortunately, somebody has already booking for the White Persian.

If you wanna come and have a visit to this shop, the shop is called Albi-Petzone and all the details I have posted in my previous posting.


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