Saturday, 26 October 2013

A day made of Glass? 2020 Technology that changes our life

Reporting from nikakihijau

Hi friends. I got this video from my FB page. You can watch this video down here:

I would say that 2020 technology are amazing and fantastic. I really hope all these innovations will become a reality once the world reaches 2020 year.

Basically these are some of the salient features:

  1. Photovoltaic Glass: High efficiency, Optically Versatile and Durable. This PV technology does exists today as it is in the form of cells that converts sun's radiation into electrical technology. I am sure that you guys have heard Solar PV Power Plant.
  2. LCD TV Glass: Large Format, Ultra Thin, Frameless Design. I think we this technology today as Samsung and LG are pioneers in this field. Not to mention that these 2 conglomerates have established a Curved OLED TV that is awesome for me. Click here for Samsung OLED TV.
  3. Architectural Display Glass: Pristine Surface Electronics Enabling Touch Sensitive. This is super cool for me. Imagine brushing your teeth while watching news or tv on your wall glass. This is great! You can even send SMS, Superb!
  4. Architectural Surface Glass: Tough Thermally Durable, Display Enabling. This feature is fantastic. The modern era of kitchen technology. All you need to do is to touch your finger on the designated knob area. A dial indicator will display low, medium, high temperature or standby mode for you to cook your meal. You can also watch the news or tv on the kitchen table. 
  5. Appliance Veneer Glass: Seamless Design Electronics Enabling Scratch & Smudge Resistant: You don't need a crayon or fridge magnet to paste anything at your fridge. Peace of mind ensuring cleanliness at your fridge.
  6. Handheld Display Glass: Thin & Lightweight Damage Resistant Touch Sensitive. It looks to me like an futuristic Iphone. Nothing new but I hope the next generation Iphone will look like this in the video. However, the best part is you can transfer the image onto the table. I am sure the table has another layer of glass technology embedded into it.
  7. Automotive Display Glass. Streamlined Design, advanced functionality. This is fantastic considering that this feature is embedded into the car. They are using VW Eos. As the person is approaching to the car. the LED is turning on and displays as "Hello Jennifer". 
  8. Automotive Design Glass: Photosensitive, Durable. It is like the normal sunroof with an added new technology.
  9. Large Format Display Glass: Weather Resistant, Electro-Optics Enabling, Optically adaptive: This is the new era of a modern sign-board.
  10. All Weather Surface Glass: Damage Resistant, Display Enabling, Touch Sensitive: I like this. You can straight away copy the information by moving your phone to the information and the phone will automatically capture the information straight to the system. This is very useful to the public.
  11. Wall Format Display Glass: Large-Scale, Seamless Design, Touch Sensitive. Next time I can organized meetings at home without having to be presence at the office!
  12. Work Surface Display Glass: Durable, Versatile, Application Enabling. Integrated 2 in 1 system with the Wall Format Display Glass for ease of communication and working purposes.
  13. Electronics Ready Glass: Pristine Surface, Exceptional Optical Clarity Interactive. This is suitable for public advertisement.
  14. Large Pane Display Glass: High Visual Impact, multifunctional interactive. Intergrated 2 in 1 system with Electronic Ready Glass.
  15. Flexible Display Glass: Ultra Thin, Rollable, Electronics Enabling. I really like this. If this glass exist today, I will make sure that I own one. This is a very useful technology.
  16. 3D TV Display Glass. Better than today's 3D tv.
That's all friends. I hope you enjoy the video and capture all the highlights of 2020 technology.  Better sure it will happen!


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