Thursday, 24 October 2013

Dinner in William Corner @ Kelana Jaya

Reporting from nikakihijau

Yesterday my wife and I had our dinner at William. This is not our 1st time dining here (since our pre-wedding days). My intention is to make everyone aware of the menu and the portion for a customer. Don't be surprised! The response are great. Atmosphere is good. I personally think that it is suitable for friends rather than family to dine out here.

So this is the food that we have ordered.

This is Pink Panther. A banana ice blended packed with lots of flavours and lychee. RM5

This is Ice Blended Ribena Lychee. Nothing innovative. RM5

This is top of the range Pasta. Pasta Seafood olive oil. It is really delicious. It is recommended for everyone to try this! My favourite. RM 30.

My wife's favourite. It is called Harrisa Morrocan Chicken with Pasta. RM30. 
Obviously we did not manage to finish everything. We had to settle for a take away. Tomorrow I should burn in the morning. Jogging, cycling, etc to control my weight guys.

My comments:

  1. The food portion is big. If you are not use to eat this kind of food size, I recommend you to share with your friends/spouse or partners. That is what most people do here.
  2. The price is according to the menu that we ordered. The more weird the menu is, the pricey it will become. Please ask in detail regarding the menu that you have ordered.
  3. The atmosphere is okay. Don't be shocked to see the surrounding. Like I said, the response are great-).
  4. Service: Great, Fast and accurate most of the time.
  5. Crowd: Great especially Friday and Saturday night.
  6. Cleanliness: Moderate
If you want to come here, please view the map below:

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