Monday, 28 October 2013

BBM ( BlackBerry Messenger ) apps downloaded almost 10 million by iOS users

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Hi friends out there!

I believe most of you reading this topic knows BBM really well right (Once a giant in the Telecommunication Industry but now being sidelined by Apple and Samsung).

I am not going to dwell further as I believe most of you knows why BBM is not the major corporation compared to Apple, Samsung, Microsoft or even Sony.

Okay, why I am highlighting this topic to you guys is because my colleague, recommended me to try the BBM app on the iphone. He told me that BBM is pioneer in the free networking app besides Whatsapp or Kakaotalk to name a few. 

What makes me eager to download this is the fact that BBM apps being downloaded almost 10 million iOS users within 24 hours of its launched! Sounds crazy right? In fact, now I am among the 10 million iOS users that have downloaded this app.

Only 2 similar person with different number are in my BBM network-)
Let me guide you in downloading this popular app:
  • Use the Safari or Google Chrome app in your Iphone. At the Address, type “”. It will redirect to the blackberry site. Your screen will appear according to the picture shown below:

  • Select the icon “available at the app store”. Blackberry will redirect you to the Apple store. Please note that you cannot directly download BBM app from Apple store itself because BlackBerry wanted to make its app unique and to protect its app from 3rd Party (That’s what my colleagues said).

  • Just click the download button. For my case, it appears open button because I have downloaded the BBM app.
  • Once it is available, just open it and follow through the process
My comments:
  1. I think it is better compared to Whatsapp. My colleague told me he feels like using a BlackBerry phone now.
  2. Design and features wise is great.
  3. You have to invite people to BBM by Barcode, Pin, Email or SMS. It is not that user-friendly as other social apps.
Overall, BBM for iOS is good and great. It is made for Professionals though!

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