Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Nasi Arab jalan reko

Assalamualaikum ladies and gentlemen!! Today I am reporting live from my blog. Since this is my 1st time posting here, I think best if I can start blogging with Nasi Arab.

Yesterday my wife gave me an Idea to go to this Nasi Arab Restaurant located at Jalan Reko in Bangi (along a large furniture shop). I said okay let’s give it a try. In my mind all I am thinking of is Lamb Mandi rice or Naan Cheese or Chicken Mandi. Sounds cool rite?

FYi, Mandi is a term that relates to the original spices from the Arabs that gives a good and succulent taste of the rice and meat, and the flavour is good.

So we arrived around 8.45pm and soon the shop is quite occupied with people. Let me share with you some of the available menus that is printed on the book.

Sorry, picture is not a good post!!

Some of the menus available
Unfortunately, no Mandi for us. Tak pe lah, x de rezki. So we did order Chicken Kabsa rice and Lamb Haneth rice for both of us. So this is our food:
Lamb Haneth rice

Chicken Khabsa rice
Basically these are my comments:
1.    Rice is good. Not that nice as my other experience eating nasi arab at different place
2.    Chicken is tender and succulent. Lamb is the same.
3.    Service is quite fast. This is our experience. I wonder why other people complaint that service is bad.
4.    Staffs are quite nice.
5.    Overall 7 out of 10.

Well guys you can come and try this Nasi Arab here:
Location of the Nasi Arab place in Jalan Reko, Bangi

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