Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Uncivilized person on the planet. Happens in Woodlands Singapore....

This post has been taken from my facebook. Please read and watch the video below:

The lady in blue was queuing up waiting for 950 to go back home. This singaporean suddenly cuts her queue, she asked him to queue up behind. He claims that he was in the queue just now. But he went off to buy a drink at the shop nearby and came back. He claims that he is in the queue, nobody saw him.

Bus came. All in the queue went up the bus, this guy spitted on the blue lady multiple times before he went up too, everyone complaints. He pushed the blue lady down the bus and spitted saliva on her face multiple times.. (estimated +- 10x) , she went to call the control room personnels to scene. This guys hogs the bus refusing to alight, blaming the driver for not moving becos he is waiting for him to alight or police to come. (Meanwhile control room sends for a second bus, now 2-3 SMRT staff + driver at scene but did nothing). He still insist its the drivers fault. Alot of ppl screamed and scolded him for being inconsiderate (old man in bus almost got punched for scolding him, many others shouted at him for delaying bus departure). He fought back verbally with the whole bus of passengers, pushed his way into 25% from the front of the bus then squeezed his way roughly out again. (Second bus came, back door opens, ppl alights, he rushed to the back door stopping ppl from coming down but failed becos alot of guys pushed him aside. This green lady was unlucky, got stopped by him. He said she scolded him in the bus just now and there is none of her business why she KPO.)

He then grabs her by the hand, refusing to let her board the second bus, then spit saliva multiple times on her face. Pushed her from the front. She shouted molest. Molest. Molest. He denied. He spitted saliva at her face multiple times (estimate 10++) again.. He tried to run to board the second bus, but those ppl pushed in out.. haha. lucky he didn't escape, if not police come also cannot catch this guy. (My video started recording).

I stopped recording when my bus came.

He is such a disgrace to be called a singaporean. So uncivilized. Keep spitting at the 2 poor ladies. (In blue and green.) The poor green lady even got molested by him for helping the blue lady out.

I hope those around that have taken video of the front part and the part after I stopped will post and expose this guy and shame him. Hopefully police will see and use it as prove against him.

Shame shame.. Appealing to those nearby who took the video of the front or back part of the scene to post and share the video for everyone to see.

Lets not make this into some racist war ok.. everyone.. stay cool.
just focus on the man.. no race please.

Pitty to the 2 girls...... 

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