Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Benefits of chewing

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Today I would like to share with you the benefits of chewing gum. I do not know this until my wife asked me to buy her the wringley’s chewing gum and she told me one of the benefits is that it is good for the brain. So I did my homework and yes, I agreed with her statement. Therefore ley me share with everyone some of my simple research.

Boost Mental Power

Chewing gum boost brain activity in several ways, means that it is good for your brain. Scientific evidence reveals that chomping away boost thinking, alertness and improves reaction times up to 10% faster. No wonder our legendary football manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, the most successful football manager in the world ( I love Man Utd, so no offence! ) used to chew a gum in his mouth and that is why he can good last minute tactical changes!

Sir Alex Ferguson always chewing a gum
Improve Oral health

Chewing sugar-free gum for at least 20 minutes after meals and snacks has been proven to help protect your teeth and mouth for bad breath. I do agree with this statement, at least it makes our breath smell better and fresher all day long!

Improves Digestion

This is new for me and I believe same to everyone. It does improving your digestion, as long as you chew your gum after meals. Notice how you frequently swallow while chewing your gum, because of excess saliva production? This helps keep digestive acids down in your stomach.

Contribute to weight loss

If you’re currently trying to lose weight, chewing gum can also prove to be beneficial for you. Since gum contains very few calories per serving, it makes an ideal snack that will not ruin your diet. The act of chewing and the flavor of the gum will help you fight your cravings for other snacks that are high in calories and fats. I will definitely start chewing gums every day to keep me in a good shape.

Reduce stress and tension

Chewing gum can help you fight stress and anxiety.  Research has shown that students who chew gum during exams tend to be more alert and focused. This is because gum helps you cope with the stress that is often associated with tests. Stress is not the only negative emotion that chewing gum can help you through. Whenever you feel irritated or frustrated, you might find that chewing gum can help you relax. Anxiety is my enemy, perhaps I should chew it regularly to help me relax and alert.


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