Monday, 4 November 2013

In-car Iphone accessories

Reporting from nikakihijau.

Hi friends.

Today I would like to share with everyone some of the necessary items which I believe is important while you are on the go in your car.

Let me just go straight to the point.

The most important item that you need is the in-car charger. Iphone's battery life is very bad. I believe everyone is agreeable with me. If you use it for your entertainment, FB, Safari app, etc., I am sure that your Iphone's battery will drain faster. So, you need the in-car charger to keep it fully charge!

I am using a dual in-car usb charger from Griffin. I bought this since 2011. It is very realiable and useful. Simultaneously, I can charge Ipad together with an Iphone. No voltage issue.
Next, you need an Iphone cable. Nothing special though, just a normal Iphone lightning cable since I am using Iphone 5. To prolong your cable's usage, I suggest you to purchase a cord wrap from Bobino. It is very realiable and useful. Simple design yet it is very helpful in preventing your cords and cable from tangling.

Bobino Cord Wraps. The flesible plastic is pliable, making it easy to wind up cords, keeping them neat and easy to access. A must for everyone on your list!

Last but not least, the Kensington Car Mount. Strong suction cup, specifically design for Iphone, flexible arm adjust for optimal positioning and robust. It is a very good product. I have been using since 2011 and I don't have any complaints with it.

The Kensington Car Mount for Iphone.
I hope that you find it useful. It is very useful for me especially long journeys!


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