Sunday, 24 November 2013

Food that contains the most Carb contents.

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Hi friends!

Today I would like to share with everyone some information that I believe will be helpful for those who are really cautions about their carbohydrate intake. 

Basically there are 3 categories of food that contains a good amount of carbohydrate although there are more categories I believe:

  1. Bread Products
  2. Cereals/Beans/Pasta/Grains
  3. Starchy Vegetables
We need carbohydrate as it gives us a source of energy for us to be energetic during the day. However, these days majority of us lives a sedentary lifestyles without having a balance diet and exercise. That is why we are having problems pertaining to health related issues.

So here, let me just inform everyone the food that contains the most and the least carbo so that we can manage our carbo intake in a good manner:

Bread Products Portion Size Carbs (g)
Bagel varies 30-90
Bread 1 regular slice 15-23
Pita bread Large 6”-9” 30-45

Cereals/Beans/Grains/Pasta Portion Size Carbs (g)
Cereal: cooked portion such as oatmeal ½ Cup 15
Dried Beans/legumes/lentils as prepared ½ Cup 15
Pasta: cooked 1 Cup 45
Rice, cooked 1 Cup 45

Starchy Vegetables Portion Size Carbs (g)
Corn Cob 6”-9” 30-45
Potato Avg baked 60
Sweet Potato/Yams-plain cooked 1/2 Cup 20

Hope all these information will help us in choosing the right amount of carbohydrate for our our intake. As for me, I will make sure that if I want to eat more, I have to exercise no matter what it takes to stay fit and healthy!

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