Monday, 11 November 2013

Wind Turbine - Introduction

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Hi friends!

Today I would like to share with you some General Information in relation to Wind Turbines.

Miniature Wind Turbine from Goldwind. The team came to our office to deliver presentation about its Wind Turbine capability.
Wind Turbine is a device to convert kinetic energy harnessing from the Wind resource into mechanical energy and turn it into Electrical Energy via Generator install in it.

It is like a conventional power, just that it uses a Renewable energy resouce ( Wind - non-fossil fuel ) to produce power.

The Power that has been produce will be sent into National Grid. 

Then transmit it to the Distribution network that will distribute the power to our home.

General Parts of Wind Turbine:

1. Hub height: Tower of the turbine
2. Blade: Converting kinectic energy of wind into mechanical energy

In Wind Market, there 5 major players that are really active in Wind Industry: Example, Vestas, GE, GoldWind, REpower and Suzlon.

My involvement in Wind industry is in the Acquisition category. I help the company to look into technical matters for 420MW Macarthur Wind Farm.

My colleagues and boss!
I hope everyone will get an idea in relation to wind turbine in General.


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