Friday, 29 November 2013

Dinner in Fullhouse

Reporting from nikakihijau.

Hi friends!

Apologies for posting late, busy like normal even on Friday. 

Well I decided to dine in Fullhouse Cheras Giant together with my wife just to unwind myself. 

There are lots of menu to be chosen.

There are soups, sandwiches, chicken...

Pasta, spaghetti and, seafood, meat stuff and asian menus like nasi lemak and curry laksa.

As for me, I ordered the menu of the day, which are sirloin steak, carrot soup and some kind of orange juice while my wife ordered her usual stuff which is chicken with some cool stuff. For information, we use to dine in Fullhouse KK Sabah.

So here's our food:

The mushroom soup is very good.

The drinks are great!

My food is just fantastic!

My wife's food is also nice.

My comments:

1. The food is absolutely great.
2. The service is good.
3. The atmosphere is great.
4. The staffs are nice.

Overall, 8/10.

It's worth every dollar you pay. My advice is to ensure that your food is not so creamy, otherwise you will feel nausea.


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